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Father’s Day Special

A lot of kids today are suffering from a devastated life. Some teens are addicted to drugs, some have contracted with HIV, and some even committed suicide. Even if it may be hard to exactly determine the cause of why kids do these things, among the most probable reasons is irresponsible fatherhood.

In the Holy Bible, it is mentioned that the father is the foundation of the household. Although the parts of your home are greatly and beautifully built, once the foundation is weak, then everything can be put into ruins. Likewise, a family whose father is weak, then if could have bad effects to everybody especially the children.

But didn’t you know that the Bible also talks about the evidence of gods existence? For this reason, it is then not wrong to hope that there is still a solution for all juvenile delinquents and irresponsible fathers.
Let us try to get some inspiration on how a father can be a strong foundation in the light of Noah’s story. Read now and find out more!

Noah’s Ark

A message from God came to Noah that a devastating flood will come to destroy all life forms. He told everyone to believe him but he was just mocked and even called a crazy man. Moving on, the heavy and long rain fell down causing the flood and Noah’s family and some animals they brought with them are the only ones who survived. So how did Noah able to do this despite the mockery? How did he become the strong foundation for his household? Be enlightened with the insights below:

1. Noah had intimate relationship with God

Great fathers always have an intimate relationship with God. There are several situations that a father do not know what to do and the only God can lead him to the right answers.

2. Noah Listened and Obeyed.

The fact that Noah had a true relationship with God, He can always hear God’s instructions. Even better, he took the necessary steps by faith!

Noah give importance to the future

The present is important but Noah was always thinking about the future too. Knowing that God is with him, he was willing to build an ark no matter how difficult it is and saved his entire family members.

Being a father is a calling from God. It may not be easy be its doable when you believe in the evidence of gods existence. Valuable contents appear on the internet giving you Godly advises on how to be a good father in a Christian way. Furthermore, you may also find answers to some of the other problems you are facing on this site too. Search this site and be edified!