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How Testosterone Hormone Is Beneficial To Your Health

Testosterone is a male sex hormone that is high in male than female. Seven weeks after conception, men to start producing testosterone hormones. The hormone is produced highly during late teen years and puberty before it levels off. The male body has more than enough testosterone hormone, but at times the body can lower the production of this hormone. Low amounts of testosterone in your body has side effects to your health; therefore, know the low testosterone symptoms . These are the health benefits of testosterone hormone.

It stimulates the endocrine system to produce hormones. The pituitary gland is signaled by the hypothalamus in the brain to release testosterone hormone. The pituitary gland releases signals and sends them to the testicles where the testosterone hormone is produced. The adrenal glands above the kidney also produce testosterone hormone in a small amount. This is why you notice the body changes that you should learn about in men when they get to puberty such as voice deepening, broadening of shoulders, beards and so one. You should visit medical attention from The Billups Center in case you are not experiencing changes in your teenage years.

When you start growing into teenage hood there will be massive growth of hair on your face, around the genitals and in the armpits because testosterone hormone stimulates the growth of this hair. You may experience the growth of hair on the legs, arms, and chest. The Billups Center can help you understand the reasons why you are losing hair because some of the hair loss conditions are not caused by testosterone hormone. The testosterone therapy can cause acne and breasts growing among many other side effects that have remedies .

Testosterone hormone is responsible for enabling the body to have efficient blood circulation. The bone marrow stimulation produces the red blood cells by the testosterone hormone. Some people have enough testosterone hormone but still suffer from lack of enough blood because of other purposes that are not related to the testosterone hormone. Vegetables and fruits are recommended for people who have low blood content because it will boost the development of blood. You can also take iron supplements and instructions from the doctor. Dr. Kevin Billups has knowledge and skills on how to improve your blood circulation and will administer the appropriate medication to increased production of blood in your body for those who are having problems with blood levels. You can find Dr. Kevin Billups or The Billups Centre for help if you have low blood levels because it may be a result of low testosterone hormones in your body.