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To Bless You Is The Best Gift I Can Give

It is the time of year for data analysis again. I just listed all the data I am responsible for collecting, evaluating and putting together for a federal report, which is due soon.

Honestly, simply looking at all the documents made me want to fall asleep.

It was like checking student’s work, scoring essay tests, and then counting the numbers. Needless to say, I don’t like raw data. If I can have someone do the hard work of processing for me, I’d be very pleased. Why? It’s because I’d rather look at the processed data, study and make sense out of it then I can create my report. That, I like.

Yes, I was in my own little world.

Anyway, It has been a habit to do positive self-talk. Every morning, I’d look at the mirror, I’d smile and I’d excitedly recite my new mantra out loud. I’d grin some more because I know one day, it will all happen. Oh, I don’t know how it will happen but I sure know it will, someday!

What I couldn’t remember though was when my transition from making negative self-talk to positive self-talk in the mirror happened.

I do like the change, though. Because if I will go back to the memory lane, it was like a switch has been turned on. All my dreams started coming true when I started believing. When I started believing in the power of my words that did it for me!

Same system, as I looked at all the piles of evaluations, attendance, observations, interviews, and all the other documents I have to process, I blessed it all.

I know I could have cursed it or said negative words or just fall asleep, heck, I could have also just put it all in the trash, but of course, I couldn’t do that, Lol.

So, I blessed it.

Just like I bless people… “I bless you for the goodness of God is in you.”

No miracle happened after blessing the documents, no angel came from the heavens to help me finish my task but what happened next, I didn’t anticipate.

I received a Facebook message from an old friend.

I haven’t spoken with him for awhile. He did say he will talk to me soon and yesterday he was ready to share his story.


I put my phone down, looked at my own little world and space of raw data, got the first pile of documents and worked on it the rest of the day.

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